From: Darrin Clawson and Robin Morris, MD
To: Dobbersine Custom Homes

It is with great pleasure that we are providing this letter of reference for our favorite builder Dobbe. When he asked us to do this we literally had to edit down our favorable comments or this could have been quite long!!!

Our Dobbe experience started well before we even signed a contract. Two good friends had built beautiful homes with him so we were familiar with his excellent work. When it was our turn, we didn't hesitate or even interview any other builders. That might seem foolish, but when you have your heart set on the best, Dobbe is the one to choose. He helped us find the perfect architect to draw our plans, pick between several lots in a new estate subdivision, Manderley, and sat at his kitchen table with us to iron out our bid process. And all before we wrote the first check!!!

His meticulous attention to detail made building a custom home easy. A schedule with every major date mapped out right from the start, including a move in date. A bid that was almost 20 pages long, every penny counted. A weekly updated project cost detail, keeping us informed of where our dollars were going. Kneeling on the floor to show us every baseboard option possible. Putting up with our compulsive questions, and answering them cheerfully on the same day we asked. Connections in every industry. Seeking out options when we asked for something he hadn't done before. Visibility of every invoice, every week, with no markup of materials or labor. His fixed fee model for managing your entire building process delivers value every step of the way. !!

And oh, the subcontractors!! We can't say enough about their respect for Dobbe. His excellent reputation allows him to hire the finest subs who do such amazing work, and go above and beyond to help your home turn out just like you wanted. Our framers worked sun up to sun down and greeted our kids by name with a smile. The trim carpenters would craft several options for detailed work and let us choose what we liked best. Our tile setter tile sent me text pictures before they set the tile to make sure I loved the patterns. The concrete folks had us come bright and early one morning to put our kids' handprints in the pool deck. Every crew speaks so highly of Dobbe and that respect shines through in the work they do for him. His wonderful sense of humor makes even the sometimes tedious meetings with subs a pleasure. !!

We have been in our lovely Craftsman home for almost three years and have had very few issues, but we still know that Dobbe is only a phone call or email away for help. He helps with any concerns long after your move in date, and our neighbors are all jealous of that!!!!

Any builder can give you a house: four walls, a roof, and a front door key. Dobbe will give you a home: craftsmanship, beauty, comfort, a dream come true.!!Thanks Dobbe!!!!

Sincerely yours,
Darrin Clawson and Robin Morris, MD