From: Andy and Carol Clippard
To: Dobbersine Custom Homes

“We have lived in our Dobberstine home for almost five years now and have great appreciation for the level of craftsmanship throughout. It’s good to go to bed at night and know our home is soundly constructed and energy efficient. It’s good to wake up in the morning and know we can enjoy our attractive and comfortable home.

The custom building experience is a series of decisions and indecisions. Can we afford this? Can we live without that? Dobbe helped us from the start by giving an extremely accurate cost estimate and then managing the costs. He charged a flat fee for his services and a monthly invoice for the completed work by subcontractors. Though building our home was expensive, never did we feel blind-sided by costs.

Dobbe made it clear that some of the design features in our plan did not meet his personal standards. We have often been grateful that our copper water pipes were a larger diameter and that a pressure regulator lets one person shower while another does laundry with no impact on the pressure or temperature of the shower water. We like the over-sized exterior gutters. We like the exposed foundation to be covered with siding that parallels the ground slope. We like the solid no-squeak sub-flooring. All of these were standard building procedures for Dobberstine Custom Homes.

During construction, we worked on our own landscaping. There was rarely a day that Dobbe did not personally check on the progress of the house. Also, it was good that we could call his cell phone any time and get an answer or a returned call that same day. He and his subcontractors suggested changes to plans when they saw a better way, e.g. changing the great room ceiling fans to elegant twelve-foot height.

We appericated the good relationship Dobbe had cultivated with most of the subcontractors (the trim carpenters being an exception!) He had to replace them but hired a highly skilled alternate crew. When they charged more than the estimate, Dobbe split the overrun costs with us.

Dobbe did a lot of small things that we appreciated, e.g. sprayed sub-flooring with water repellant before the start of wall construction, covered duct openings to keep out dust and debris, kept all subcontractors off new driveway, sprayed rafters with Clorox to eliminate mold, kept workmen’s shoes off the carpet, installed final door locks at last moment to eliminate duplication of keys.
Few things in our house have caused us any trouble. One was an error by the rough-in-crew that eventually allowed some sheathing on the roof to rise up. Though we had lived in the house for over three years, Dobbe sent roofers to repair the problem at no expense to us. We can tell that he is proud of his finished houses and takes continued interest in them.

If we were to build another home would we hire Dobbe as our builder? In a heart beat!”

Andy and Carol Clippard