From: The Duncan Family
To: Dobbersine Custom Homes
Duncan Home

In addition to being a home builder with refreshingly high standards of quality, Dobbe Dobberstine is also an excellent businessman. After several meetings to discuss what we wanted in our new home, Dobbe presented us with a 20-page itemized bid that detailed every aspect of the construction costs down to the penny. This is characteristic of the way Dobbe does business. He clarifies expectations up front, then works very hard to ensure that expectations are met. He meets deadlines. He keeps his promises, all of them. He follows up with details, including those that never even occurred to us as the customer. He made building our home a joy, not a burden.

Did we make changes during the course of construction? Of course we did, and Dobbe always greeted the changes with a cheerful "That's why we call it a custom home!" He was very good about helping us find ways to get more for our dollars, and he provided excellent management of the subcontractors.

In fact, there is nothing in Dobbe's performance that in any way contradicts the fine reputation he enjoys in this community.

We are very pleased with the final product. Our home is built like a fortress, it has the "family feel" we wanted, and we are confident we got excellent value for our investment. And the bonus? Dobbe Dobberstine is our friend. How many people can say that about their home builder after the project is completed?

Sincerely yours,
The Duncan Family