From: The Hamilton Family
To: Dobbersine Custom Homes

We had a blast working with Dobbe in building our home. In interviewing builders it was clear from the first that Dobbe was organized, which made our decision to choose him very easy. We felt an immediate comfort level in his ability and in his honesty. At our first meeting we saw examples of the information we would receive as building progressed, including receipts of purchases and of sub-contractors' work, and Dobbe's fee, to be divided into monthly payments during construction. He had a list of everything to be done in building the house, in chronological order.

As we moved toward choosing our floor plan, Dobbe helped us with a team of architects both of whom were personable and talented, enabling us to put every detail we wanted into our home. When we were uncertain and had questions about the process, Dobbe always had the answers and even suggestions if we asked for options about something. Before the large equipment came to our property to start digging, Dobbe had us join him there to talk about how the house would sit in the space. Soon Dobbe's sub-contractors began working and we didn't see a break between stages; Dobbe had everything planned so that one sub followed the other immediately. During the process, Dobbe gave us a list of things we needed to do, merchants we needed to contact, decisions we needed to make to assure that everything progressed on time. Dobbe was always available; we contacted him day and night with questions and we always received timely callbacks. In addition, Dobbe was at our building site daily to touch base with the workers and supervise their work. He told us that the day the roof was on our house, he could give us our move-in date; he did, and that date proved to be accurate! We met monthly to review receipts down to the penny of every item purchased for the house, and to talk about any decisions that needed to be made in the next month. With Dobbe's knowledge and experience, all went smoothly and we enjoyed every single stage of the building process.

We love our home and its solid construction. It is quiet inside, even when there is a thunder storm. We are grateful to Dobbe for making the process positive and fun throughout the time we worked together. After we moved in we both missed our regular contact with Dobbe, but we still feel that we have a trusted friend.

Sincerely yours,
Larry and Phyllis Hamilton