From: Bill Waters
To: Dobbersine Custom Homes

“My wife and I could not have been more pleased with Dobberstine Custom Homes. Dobbe helped us every step of the way in a fairly significant construction process of building our dream home. The work was completed on time and within 1% of the original estimate. Everything was documented electronically and our project meetings were always conducted as scheduled, and Dobbe always had everything correctly documented. Invoices were organized and each tied back to the original spread sheet allowing me to readily see where money was being spent and where we stood against the original plan. Furthermore, I often work long hours and travel extensively. Dobbe was very flexible around when we could meet, oftentimes meeting on the weekend or in the evening.

Every subcontractor on my construction was professional, timely, and highly skilled. Furthermore, they each enjoyed and appreciated working with Dobberstine Custom Homes. When I asked the subcontractors why they liked working with Dobbe, each made similar comments about “how everything is documented with Dobbe” and “when I bring my crew on-site, I can be assured that the site is ready for me to do my work.” I also consistently heard subcontractors say that “the quality of the subcontractors before me ensure that my job is easy”. In other words, the excavator dug a good hole with the correct dimensions. This allowed the guy who had to pour the foundations to do his job without delay. The concrete sub poured a good and perfectly square foundation which enabled the rough-in framing guy to build good, perfectly square walls without any issues. The rough-in framers built perfectly square walls to the blue prints that enabled the dry wall guys to put up the dry wall without any issues. Each previous subcontractor did quality work and was able to do it efficiently because Dobbe had everyone on the same plan, and each subcontractor had extremely skilled craftsman.

People have always told me that building your dream home (or any home) would be a big hassle. Few spoke highly of their builders. Furthermore, my wife and I should expect significant cost overruns of 10% or more. In our case, nothing was further from the truth. We enjoyed our building experience immensely. Dobbe Dobberstine was a joy to work with. Six years later, we still love every day in our home.

Thank you Dobbe. "